Wasatch Classic VW - 2017

Wasatch Classic VW - 2017

When I hear the term "car show",  I instantly associate it with American muscle cars and lawn chairs. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it is certainly what I've come to expect. Occasionally, I'll be pleasantly surprised by a small well put together events much like this one. (Disclaimer: Although a primarily VW event, there were still lawn chairs.)

Now, what I think separates a good car show from a mediocre one is location. Quality cars certainly are a big part of a decent show but a hot parking lot where the asphalt has reached boiling point radiating its scorching properties through the soles of your shoes isn't exactly ideal for much of anything.

Not every event needs to be at the Port Of Los Angeles like Luftgekuhlt either but when you take it a small step further than what's expected and you'll have a hit. This event nails that concept.

Take over an outdoor mall? Now we're talkin'.

Now that I've talked venue, let's talk VW.

As a kid, I watched the film Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo repeatedly. Didn't you? Why not?! It had a 917 in it... Ok, it was a replica but I didn't know that until recently. 

Now, my parents were VW fanatics and in that time period, I'd say most families were. For us, every family car was a "Westy" or as the years went on, a Eurovan. Even when we would invest in a project car, it was a beetle and as the years progressed a few Porsches snuck into the picture as well.

Needless to say, this is my kind of event.

Interestingly enough, these days it seems that VW classics have slipped out of mainstream car culture and I'm okay with that. In fact, it's better that way.

In contrast, Porsche's aircooled values have been massively affected by their online coverage. With the boom of automotive blogging and coverage of aircooled cars have increased, so have the price tags associated with a classic Porsche. This is where I think the effects of online car culture not jumping on classic VWs the way they have other makes have been beneficial to younger enthusiasts. Values have definitely increased over the years but they haven't exactly skyrocketed either.

The 904 isn't among the cars I would use to illustrate this example because it has been on the list of unobtainable for quite a lot longer than the average 911. This one is a replica and although it isn't real, it's cool. Seeing a real one is second to none, but I may be able to convince the owner to let me take this one for a spin.

When a Porsche 356 shows up to the party, it all but shuts it down.

And VW car culture is evolving, watercooled cars are now classics. It's a completely different group but I commend the peaceful coexistence that both parties have developed. These early generation cars are the E30's to the front wheel drive community.

As the show wrapped up and darkness set in, I felt the party was just getting started. Despite my enthusiasm for the now even better lighting, it was time for everyone to pack up and head out.

But It's not over until everyone actually leaves. Lucky for me, that was going to take a minute.

My hats off to the organizers of the event for a job well done. I look forward to next year and watching this event grow and evolve.